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Sarkar 3 (2015)

Sarkar 3 > Ram Gopal Varma is one of India's most unpredictable directors when it comes to box office successes. His last big critical acclaim came with a huge success in the form of Amitabh Bachchan starrer Sarkar followed by the sequel Sarkar Raj that surprised a lot of industry insiders as it made it to the Top Ten movies in the UK during its release. Then there were speculations of Hrithik Roshan playing the role of 'Chiku' (grandson of Sarkar) in Sarkar 3 and talks of Ranbir Kapoor being approached for the role too made front pages. movie is under production and will release in October, 2015. Dates are not confirmed till yet.

Directed : Ram Gopal Varma
Producer : Ram Gopal Varma and Parag Sanghvi
Genre : Dramatic Thriller
Cast : Amitabh Bachchan
Release Date : October, 2015

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