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Bruno Mars - Whatta Man (2012)

After Priyanka Chopra and her single In My City, Mallika Sherawat is the next Bollywoodwallah to enter the international music scene. No she isn’t exploring her crooning skills like PeeCee did, but is as usual flaunting her assets in front of the camera. How do we know this? The Kismat Love Paisa Dilli actor tweeted a photograph of her holding a gun to American singer-songwriter Bruno Mars’ head.

But hang, on, this ain’t a for-real scene. It’s an act for the music video of Bruno’s latest song, Whatta Man. We watched the video and found out that, surprisingly, the dusky babe doesn’t make a blink and you miss it appearance. Mallika and Bruno do a James Bond-ish act and share something that looks suspiciously like a kiss, but clearly they have left it open to the viewer’s imagination and interpretation.

What’s surprising is that the KLPD babe never let anyone get a whiff of the big development – which for Mallika is indeed strange! Maybe after stories emerged that she had spread rumours of an alleged affair with Antonio Banderas and made the media believe that she was the reason for the rift between the Hollywood actor and his actor-wife Melanie Griffith, Mallika chose not to tom-tom too loud about her international connections.

This means that while she earnestly wants to return to mainstream acting in Bollywood, she isn’t giving up on her international ambitions just yet. Mallika likes to sail in two boats at the same time, no? We just hope she doesn’t fall into the water, like so many others have!

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