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Bigg Boss Season 6 Tv Show (2012 -2013)

Bigg Boss 6 was the sixth season of the Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss, which aired on Colors from 7 October 2012 with Salman Khan returning as the host for the show. Salman Khan launched the 6th season as a Parivarik season with a Gujarati tagline- Alag che! (English: It's different). The contestants on Bigg Boss 6 will be more "cleaner" with, as producers want, a family image as Salman Khan wants to move the show forward from its trademark negativity and controversial status. The producers of Bigg Boss 6 confirmed the family friendly season on 1 August 2012.

During the launch on 7 October, fourteen hand-picked housemates entered the house located in entered the house located in Lonavla, a hill station, about 100 kilometres east of Mumbai in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The season also introduced selection of one housemate via audition chosen from among the common non-celebrity people of India. The housemates, considered strangers for each other, will spend 98 days (14 weeks) locked out together under the supervision of 70 cameras fitted around the house.

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